Statements about sustainibility

Hanka Mittelstädt:
„Sustainability and sustainable development – even the peasant in ancient times used sustainability as a matter of course to ensure the survival of the members through the production of food. Sustainability means, to me, food for the constantly growing world population in terms of social justice – access to food – while conserving resources. A drop in the steady land consumption is a prerequisite. In addition, production must be increased through investment in research, the continued development of efficient agricultural production, and secure farmer incomes in rural areas. The intensification of agriculture is not synonymous with increasing environmental pollution. A short-term profit maximization at the expense of the next generation is, for me, not compatible with the original principle of agriculture.”

Hubertus Paetow:
“Innovation and progress are the basis for an agriculture sector that is both competitive and sustainable.Sustainability, which encompasses ecology, economy and social responsibility, requires farmers to take a continual critical look at their own actions. Sustainable management also means taking social demands, and consequently one’s own actions, seriously. Likewise, society must face and fulfil its responsibility towards farmers.”

Dr. Helmut Schramm:
„Worldwide, agriculture is one of the most important growth sectors. And its importance will continue to grow. With only 3 percent of the earth’s surface available for growing crops, we must feed a growing population that is estimated to reach 9 billion by 2050. In addition, agriculture is being called upon to provide feed for animals as well as renewable raw materials for the production of energy. In Germany, we have best conditions to achieve high and sustainable yields. We have excellent soils, high-quality resources including machinery, crop protection products and seeds, well-educated farmers, and stable political conditions. But we must develop these resources in a sustainable way. As a research based company of plant protection products and seeds, we see our role to accompany farmers in the development of cultivation strategies that also protect our natural resources. Sustainability is the major theme of modern agriculture, in Germany and all over the world.“

Dr. Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein:
“We should farm and produce our food in a way that even in another 10.000 years we will still be able to do it. Which means: we have to stop using exhaustible resources like phosphate or fossil energy, rebuild biodiversity and soil fertility and close nutrient cycles. We are far away from that!”

Prof. Dr. Ralf Pude:
Sustainability means “efficient utilisation of renewable resources and waste materials followed by development of intelligent bio-based (sequential) products.“

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